Every time.
  1. How long it takes to get from point A to point B
    I'm always early to everything. And not that being early is a bad thing, but sometimes it's painfully early. Like, wandering around with nothing to do because I overestimated for travel time.
  2. Pancake mix to water ratio
    Measuring is for fools. Eyeball it. More water, more pancake mix, repeat until you have the desired consistency.
  3. How much things are going to cost after tax is added
    If something is like eight dollars, I know that it's actually about ten - easily.
  4. How much sugar to put in a full cup of cold brew
    One packet? Two? Dare I say three? Doesn't matter - the caffeine will probably kill me before I find out.
  5. How long I actually have left in the class that I dread
    If you think that you've easily been in a class for at least 30 minutes, think again - you probably just got there.
  6. How much animal hair there actually is in my house
    Coming home to a home full of sweet fur babies is awesome when you are in college and can't have your pets with you, but I wear a lot of black and fur loves black. And somehow I am always surprised by the small animal that collects on my black leggings as soon as I walk in the door.
  7. The amount of Chapstick left in a tube
    Who am I kidding? I'll lose it before I even start to notice.
  8. How much time I've waited between sets for the next act to come on
    When support acts suck and you just wanna see the headliner you're there for, it can seem like YEARS between the two. The sound of a guy sound-checking drums is like a 10 minute estimate, though. I've got that down.
  9. How many hours outside of a city I am when driving
    Unless it's Nashville. I always know where I am in relation to Nashville coming from the east or west.
  10. How likely it is that my feelings for someone are actually valid and not complete lust
    I fall in love like 20 times a day with people, places, and things. Not only do I confuse love and lust, my love is deep and sincere when it's real which makes everything seem that much more painful to have to deal with.