Customer service with a smile.
  1. The coworker you're working with during that shift completely sets the mood
    Only two people work at a time and our shifts are at least seven hours long which can be either really great or really tiresome.
  2. Being a barista is The College Job™
    Tips are good and I get paid minimum wage. It's not the best job in the world but it pays rent and works well with my school schedule. I finally understand the barista rite of passage.
  3. Regulars ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    You know how in TV shows and movies, there are those scenes where a character will go up to the counter and say "my usual" and the cashier just knows it? THAT'S REAL. And I do it every day. I love my regular customers so much, they're all so great.
  4. Knowing the dirt
    I know everything about everyone in the area I work in and what kind of people they are and what they eat and who they have slept with and if they're good kissers or not because it's too easy
    Best feeling in the world
  6. Still working on my latte art
    I used to think it was so pretty and so cool but now just don't care or have the time to care. COOL MILK LEAF, ELLIOTT.
  7. Hating literally everything that isn't iced coffee or green tea
    The thought of drinking a whole milk latte makes me woozy. I have steamed too much milk to 140 degrees and cleaned too many steel pitchers to want milk ever again.