1. Awkward
    "Sorry I'm so awkward!" Okay? What? No one was even gonna say that. Attention-seeking.
  2. Introverted
    Also attention-seeking. Being shy in some situations doesn't make you introverted. Common misconception, but still don't understand.
  3. Dumb
    Knowledge is a beautiful thing. Portraying yourself as smart is so attractive. I don't get the whole "playing dumb" thing. I never will.
  4. Bad at things you're good at
    A spin-off of the previous point. When you got skills, you got skills. Don't ever hide that! Show everyone how bomb you are at working out an equation to a math problem. I sure as hell can't do that!
  5. Worse off than the person they are talking to
    One-upsmanship is a big one. People love to tell someone how they are more tired, more stressed, more anything than whatever the other person just said.
    Suggested by @DG
  6. Disagreeing with a compliment
    "You look great!" "..no I look awful" don't disagree with a compliment, if someone compliments you thank them! They noticed something special. Own it!
    Suggested by @bekah
  7. "Hating people"
    Thinking that people are the worst and openly talking about how bad humanity sucks confuses me and frustrates me to no end. 1) you sound like you're putting yourself above everyone else but 2) you're also human so..?
    Suggested by @e
  8. Not hard working
    "Ugh I barely even studied for that test, I'm totally gonna fail!" Yo why, working hard and caring about something is the epitome of cool to me??
    Suggested by @kellydehoop