Requested by @biz
HI, LIST APP!!! I'm here!!! Here's a request from @biz! I get uncomfy in lots of situations about lots of things.
  1. The word gluten
    What even?? Like, I know what gluten is and that it's a thing (thank you, Alton Brown), but the word? No.
  2. When you're walking down the sidewalk and you see an acquaintance that you know well enough to say hi to, but you see each other too soon
    So like you don't wanna KEEP making eye contact, but you're like 50 feet away so you haven't passed each other yet so you've got to kinda like look literally anywhere else because you've already said hi or waved, so the interaction is over. Happens all the time.
  3. Being just early enough for it to be awkward
    Like, people are around but it's not exactly time for whatever you're there for yet so it's just kinda awkward.
  4. Scrambled eggs
    I used to love scrambled eggs but now they're just like...gross to me and like wiggle around and stuff. I'm a fried egg kinda girl now.
  5. When people sit RIGHT next to me when there are SO many more seats open around me
    For instance, in lecture halls - it's like a 90 person class, I get it. But there are like 200 seats, so please don't sit right next to me. You make me sad. And also I can't Pinterest in class with darting eyes!!!
  6. Quotes around things that shouldn't be in quotes
    Just let this speak for itself.
  7. People over the age of like, young adult (24 is pushing it) who still religiously (is this sacrilege to use in this context?) worship boybands
    Okay, this could probably hurt some feelings here, but I'm so sorry.
  8. Sending something to someone the thing wasn't meant for
    Yikes! The worst.
  9. Reality television
    Makes me sad and unhappy.
  10. Seeing other people mess up and them knowing that you know they did
    For instance when someone trips and you make eye contact with them and you wanna be like "it's okay, pal!!" but you don't know them so they think that you're laughing at them on the inside but really you're just embarrassed for them and wanna give them a hug.
  11. Costumes
    All of them.