Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. This is something that I've struggled with
  2. I'm pretty sure that I would consider myself spiritual
  3. I love the idea of God
  4. I think that it's awesome that there's possibly a figure that's greater than us that represents love and light up in heaven
  5. I've never felt a personal connection with a higher power, but I don't reject the idea
  6. Sometimes religion as a whole kind of scares me off from searching for a relationship with a higher power
  7. Growing up, I was surrounded by Southern Baptist grandparents and a stepmom who also practiced within the same denomination
  8. I feel discouraged by a lot of the doctrine that surrounds higher power in all major religions that I've learned about my entire life
  9. I definitely like to think that there's a higher power out there that portrays this idea of love
  10. That's extremely comforting to me
  11. I've always been surrounded by Christianity and have been very open and accepting of all of my friends' religions
  12. I find it fascinating to be apart of something bigger than yourself
  13. Forming a community among those you share something so important with is so nice
  14. So, I'm not really sure what God means to me exactly
  15. But hey, I have my whole life to figure it out
  16. I hope she's cool, though