I love Luke Danes. He makes me feel warm and fuzzy in the most platonic way.
  1. Has a heart of gold
    Always does things that makes others smile even if it's just a free donut from his counter every once in a while.
  2. Loyal as loyal can be
    I would rely on this man to do ANYTHING. I would trust Luke Danes with my life.
  3. His love for Rory
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    One of the best TV relationships ever!!! Luke loves both Lorelai and Rory so much, but Rory's another story. Sure, he obviously loves Lorelai and always has. His love for Rory is a deep fatherly love that she has never received from Chris. So reliable and always there for her.
  4. His sense of style
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    Always, always, always in a backwards hat and flannel.
  5. He took in his nephew Jess even when his sister AND Jess, himself drove him insane
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    His family isn't always perfect, but he knows that and continues to look after them no matter what. Jess eventually begins to grow into a great guy and Luke becomes so proud. Again, so loyal.
  6. Stands his ground
    He will argue with Taylor over any and everything when it comes to his diner. He will never budge on anything that Taylor tries to change about his diner.
  7. How he reacted to the April situation
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    When Luke found out he had a daughter 12 years into this girl's life, he did everything he could to make up for those years he wasn't in her life.
  8. Great sense of humor
    Honestly so funny in a dry way that only a Luke Danes lover could appreciate.
  9. Luke Danes is the perfect man
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