Stupid shit no one would ever care about tbh
  1. I am significantly younger than my two siblings (5 and 7 years)
  2. I bite my nails constantly
  3. My cat's name is Jinx and she is perfect and I miss her
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  4. I have watched each episode of The Office at least 5 times
    Except for the newer seasons because what's the point when there's no Michael Scott
  5. I force myself to write in a journal every so often so I can look back on it and laugh
  6. I can eat an entire bag of chocolate covered pretzels from Trader Joe's in a single sitting
  7. I hate driving and will avoid it at all costs
  8. I make my bed every(ish) morning
    Because I am an ADULT
  9. My preferred coffee drink in an iced mocha with no whip
  10. I grew my hair out for 5+ years just to spite my mom because she never let have long hair as a child