Since I am home in bed with nothing to do but feel bad, I might as well make a list
  1. Ugh. I cannot get up
    All physical activity has evaporated overnight and I will forever lay in this bed...until I have to pee
  2. I'm hungry for nothing
    My stomach is yelling at me, but my throat is louder
  3. I forgot that I own so much tea
    Because let's be honest, I don't drink it unless I am sick. Hopefully drinking it three times today will convince me otherwise (probably not)
  4. I'm going to have so much to make up tomorrow
    But so incredibly glad that I didn't have to wear a bra today
  5. I wonder how many trees tended my nose today
    Hopefully not a lot... But from the looks of my trash can, maybe so
  6. What do unemployed people do all day?
    There's not even anything good on TV at 1:30 pm
  7. I'll just check WebMD just out of curiosity
    BAD MISTAKE. I should have 7 different cancers, nervous system disease, and lice according to their website