2nd lol I have many guilty pleasures
    All the way, you get what I'm saying?
  2. Chocolate in general
    Kinda the best
  3. Netflix
    No, seriously. Lately greys anatomy is my jam
  4. I have a sweet tooth, & I appreciate all food. Especially pizza or sushi
    I'm a fan of the finer things I guess you could say?
  5. Good ole fashioned fun
    Nothin else needed; go out & have fun while you're young & beautiful and you still can
  6. Shopping
    I like the mall.. Like a lot. One time I was at the lake and I needed clothes but there was no mall around! What's a girl to do?
  7. Lush
    I seriously love most all their products
  8. Traveling
    This is uber cliche but i dgaf bc one of my passions is traveling; I want to have the freedom & flexibility to travel the world someday; so far I've only been to 3 countries! USA (obviously I mean it's my home), Canada(I'm going back in a few months) and Mexico, a couple months ago for SB with my main bestie. Did I forget to mention I'm going to Aruba this summer? So incredibly excited about the water clarity 💦
  9. Rest, recharge, & relaxation
    A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa... Did I just quote high school musical? That brings us to the next item
  10. Hsm
    Hsm 10 was cool but where's zac when you need him???
  11. Kuwtk/trashy stuff