a list that has been done before, but never as well
  1. Captain Von Trap
    From The Sound of Music
  2. Captain Crewe
    From A Little Princess
  3. Lucius Malfoy
    from Harry Potter
  4. Han Solo
    from Episode VI: The Force Awakens. Spoiler alert
  5. Atticus Finch
    from To Kill A Mockingbird. NOT from Go Set A Watchman. jesus christ
  6. Rick Grimes
    from The Walking Dead
  7. Mr. Bennet
    Pride and Prejudice? More like SENSUALITY and WIT
  8. Stannis Baratheon, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm
  9. Jim Halpert
    from The Office
  10. Reverend Eric Camden
    the CHARACTER, not the ACTOR; from 7th Heaven. pretty sure the actor touched tots
  11. Ian Miller
    from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
  12. Phil Dunphy
    from Modern Family
  13. Chief Powhatan
    annnnnnnnd just around the river bend, you'll see the hot dad from Pocahontas
  14. Charlie Swan
    from Twilight
  15. Odin Allfather
    from Thor. bad king, worse father, disturbingly hot leadership skills
  16. Officer John Bennett
    from Orange is the New Black
  17. Bob Belcher
    from Bob's Burgers
  18. Agamemnon
    actually this one might just be me