Yes...this is an actually chronological list leading all the way up to my current career choice.
  1. Veterenarian
    This was what I wanted to be. I specifically remember wanting to be a veterinarian for pandas. Then I realized that I would also have to cut the pandas open. That's when the magic died.
  2. The next "Crocodile Hunter"
    As a child, I watched a LOT of Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin. I wanted to live for danger and hunt down the scariest creatures and have an gnarly accent. I wanted to "live like Larry." But then my hero died, and that was that.
  3. Superhero
    I watched a lot of Teen Titans, Justice League, and the Batman: Animated Series growing up. Who the poop wouldn't want to be a superhero? I actually believed I had super powers at one point in time.
  4. Assassin
    This one is a little twisted...but there is good reasoning behind it. I read the Alex Rider book series and there were a lot of assassins in it and I thought they were cool.
  5. Pirate
    This was during my Pirates of the Caribbean phase...(it hasn't really ended either...)
  6. Rockstar
    Because rock. That's why.
  7. The next "Hannah Montana"
    Be a Disney star and singer?? Uh heck yeah I would be down for that.
  8. Model
    Every girl in her life wants to be a model and that's just the gosh darn truth.
  9. Hairstylist
    I don't really remember why?
  10. Cake Decorator
    Because I like art and I like cake. It's literally the best of both worlds.
  11. Video Game Designer
    Because video games are cool and it's a rising industry! It would still be cool to be a part of that!
  12. Film Director
    Technically, this is where I want to see myself within the next ten years.
  13. Musician
    I have a passion for music and a lot of untapped talent. I know it and I don't mind sounding a little narcissistic about it either.
  14. Jedi
    Because it's the ultimate goal in my life and I'm tired of having to act like a responsible adult when everyone knows I'm really not.