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  1. I wake up super late for school, throw on some purple Nike shorts and a gray tshirt and I'm off
    Ps I'm on my period (important for later)
  2. 2nd period comes, I bleed through my purple shorts
    BAD, like there's no avoiding a wardrobe change at this point
  3. I rush to the car and drive home, skipping 3rd to take care of more pressing issues
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  1. Me as Fat Albert doing a project on Bill Cosby
  2. By far the whitest picture I've ever taken
    Matching sweaters, giant heart balloons, bro in striped polo
  3. Gangster from day 1.
    What is happening/// where did my abs go
  4. First selfie!!
    Too bad there weren't filters
  1. Prince Naveen
  2. Prince Phillip
    I had a crush on him when I was maybe 4 years old. Look at him. Jaw for days, nicely styled hair for days, angry glare for DAYZ
  3. Prince Eric
    Either wears his prince outfit (idk what the right name for that is) or an unbuttoned shirt 24/7 and flashes his pretty smile and eyes while playing with his dog so he's my dream
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  1. Nick and Jess
    I'm sorry Nick and Jess you know I love you and y'all are cute during the lean in but then y'all become one giant mass of human and y'all never breathe. I feel like it's like a dementor sucking the life out of Jess.
  2. Noah and Allie
    Noah and Allie y'all are the OG. I mean I'm pretty sure y'all won an award for this kiss. But I'm sorry. I hate it. Look at your face Allie. Are you dying? Watching someone die? Getting stabbed? Because that's the vibe I'm getting.
  3. Tyler and Caroline
    Dear Tyler and Caroline, I don't even like y'all together that much and I'm over the break up but when I had to witness y'all kiss it made me a little nauseous. Y'all could learn a little from Nick and Jess because y'all go like 10,000 kisses per second. Please never kiss again.
  1. 1. McDonalds/ meal portions
  2. 2. Cats interrupting workouts thus providing a completely legitimate excuse to not continue
  3. 3. See item 2
  4. 4. Refer to item 3
  1. Moving to the next song on my playlist before Sweet Caroline was done
    I'm my own worst nightmare, what kind of sick person does this
  2. Using my day off to get absolutely 0 work done
    And instead watching Netflix and looking at social media for hours what a millennial thing for me to do🙄
  3. Not going to bed at a reasonable hour
    I always stay up like 5+ hours later than expected?? What is that about
  4. This list
    I feel like it started strong but I'm already out of ideas I'm over it/ the previous item is dumb and I feel like I only included it for the relatable aspect I truly am my own worst nightmare
  1. Emily Isabelle/ dog
    Colloquially known as "Emmie" and she's cute af (why is her name so official??? why does she have a middle name?)
  2. Oliver/ dog
    "Ollie" you will soon realize our family has a thing for old names that sound similar to those of rich old English men
  3. Lucky Jack/ dog
    "Jack" he was supposed to die because he was a runt but alas he persevered. Follows old man theme
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  1. Evacuate the Dance Floor// Cascada
    Ballad cover ???
  2. Pillow Talk// Zayn
    ??????? why
  3. Result:
    He is probably dreaming of mid-2000s pop stars mixed with Zayn and Gigi Hadid
  1. All the drafts I have on this app
    There are many many many many
  2. A painting I started a few months ago
    It has the potential to be par, right now it is subpar
  3. A story I began writing in second grade
    It is a "real life version" of the Good Samaritan told from three different perspectives??? Idk honestly
  4. College
    Otherwise the overwhelming debt will be for nothing
  1. The beginning: love/love
    You're filled with youth and excitement, looking forward to life
  2. Halfway through: love/hate
    Should I finish these I'm getting full? Yeah I should I mean they cost a whole $2.00 I'm not wasting that
  3. The final fry: love/sadness
    That last golden fry has been consumed and you now look into the empty carton that mocks you with crumbs and memories of fries past
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