idk this is my first list and I think about this topic a lot
  1. Rehab//Amy Winehouse
  2. Lost//Frank Ocean
    Where even is he/ his new album
  3. Four//One Direction
    Album released 6 months before Zayn left the band
  4. 5 Years Time//Noah & The Whale
    Released this song in 2008, 5 years later in 2013 they released their last album before splitting up.
  5. Chaotic//Britney Spears
    Released in 2005. Pre-shaved head
  6. Can't Be Tamed//Miley Cyrus
    Pre-haircut, pre-breakup
  7. Everything Has Changed//Taylor Swift
    Still writing break up songs, still suing everybody
  8. Single Ladies//Beyoncé
    Got married to Jay Z six months before this song was released
  9. I Know You Want Me//Pitbull
  10. Summer Love//Justin Timberlake
    Justin and Jessica Biel got back together in the summer of 2011, they're still married today