These are final and not up for debate. Also you may not agree but after you've watched a movie 10,000 times you'll learn just how quotable they are
  1. 1. Emperor's New Groove
    Most people couldn't quote this movie as well as my family, but that's because you're not in my family. If you can tell me with 100% honesty that you wouldn't love to say "....or to save on postage""THE SPINACH PUFFS""more broccoli?""WRONG LEVERRR""then I'd smash it with a hamma!" or "oh... I feel it" on a regular basis in situations that don't make sense then it's probably a good thing you're not in the Mahaffey clan
  2. 2. Mean Girls
    I don't even need to explain myself.
  3. 3. Stick It
    If you haven't seen this movie 10/10 would watch it 2,000 more times.
  4. 4. She's the Man
    Amanda Bynes in her prime/ pre-psychotic break will always be my favorite and this movie is basically the best.
  5. 5. Freaky Friday
    "Darling, could you like... chill for a sec"
  6. 6. Mulan/Ariel
    Most quotable Disney princess movies by far. Many would have chosen Frozen but I take the road less traveled by/// this includes songs
  7. 7. Princess Bride
    I really only quote two quotes from this movie but quality makes up for quantity "inconceivable!" and "Bye bye boys have fun storming the castle! You think it'll work?... It would take a miracle" are two of my most used phrases
  8. 8. Easy A
    Solely on here because every time I listen to Pocketful of Sunshine I sing it like Emma Stone does in Easy A