1. Emily Isabelle/ dog
    Colloquially known as "Emmie" and she's cute af (why is her name so official??? why does she have a middle name?)
  2. Oliver/ dog
    "Ollie" you will soon realize our family has a thing for old names that sound similar to those of rich old English men
  3. Lucky Jack/ dog
    "Jack" he was supposed to die because he was a runt but alas he persevered. Follows old man theme
  4. Thomas/ cat
    "Tom" because we found him in the alley (Thomas the Alley Cat anyone??) ((Aristocats reference)) also: goes with theme of old man names
  5. That. Cat./ cat
    Not kidding... My dad named her.... We called her T.C. I feel like the reason she ran away is because the other pets picked on her because of her name (miss u T.C. come home plz)
  6. George/ bunny
    Fits theme// kind of for George Clooney because he has gray hair but is cute af (idk)
  7. Kitty/ mini catfish
    Originality ???
  8. Catnip/ mini catfish
    More originality ????
  9. The Dreamsicles/ tiny fish
    Idk they were cute little clearish orange fish close to the color of a Dreamsicle pop
  10. Tucker/ sucker fish
    Solely named tucker so we could rhyme it with sucker (probably subconsciously following the old man theme)
  11. Waldo/ sucker fish
    Because we could never find him