1. 1. Barney, Dr. John Stangel, cab driver, Kristoff, pretzel vendor
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    Definitely the most interesting and important doppelgänger. After Lily and Marshall decide that finding Barney's doppelgänger will be their sign to start a family they go through many fake doppelgängers before finding the real one is their fertility doctor.
  2. 2. Robin, Lesbian Robin
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    Honestly just love seeing Robin(well lookalike Robin) with a boy cut and I love the way she chews her gum, idk why she's number 2 but she brings me joy
  3. 3. Ted, Mexican Wrestler Ted
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    I love that Mexican Wrestler Ted brings the group back together when it seems they are drifting apart, he basically saved their friend group and for that I'm eternally grateful
  4. 4. Marshall, Mustache Marshall
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    I love that his doppelgänger is first seen on a bus advertisement, also the fact that he is a Hispanic lawyer known as Señor Justicia brings me a lot of joy.
  5. 5. Lily, Stripper Lily
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    made me a little uncomfortable when Barney and Marshall were watching her, also didn't enjoy when her and Lily switched places so although she is still noteworthy she is my least favorite by far