Not well put together but just things I love about my family, feel free to add to this @margaretmae
  1. We play board games, cards, and dominoes regularly
    It is some of the most innocent and most fulfilling entertainment you can have in a world full of technology
  2. My grandparents are the cutest people ever.
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    Cropped everything but my chin out of this picture but look at how cute. Just look.
  3. We have a wide variety of music taste
    Les Miserables, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Mamas and the Papas, Robert Earl Keen, and this strange Christmas CD that no one has ever heard of
  4. We make predictions about people's lives going into the new year then reflect on them and keep score of how many we predicted right
  5. We will sing anything at anytime and everyone will join in
    Especially Les Mis
  6. My grandmother will only let us call her "grandmother" because "grandma" sounds too old
  7. My aunts and grandmother all refer to dessert as "kush"
  8. Impromptu dinners and late late late birthday celebrations are a regular occurrence
    Games usually occur
  9. We are loud and crazy and are super ok with it
    Ask any neighbor
  10. my sister is adopted and that's pretty cool
    Didn't know where to place this so thought I would just throw it in there
  11. My grandfather is called "Grey"
    I don't know why this makes my family great but it does
  12. We quote movies more than anyone I've ever known.
  13. Crafts and Trivia questions are the norm at holiday get togethers
  14. We are Aggies and we are proud of it.
    Both my uncle and dad cried at the game after the bonfire accident
  15. We stay in a log cabin pretty much every vacation
    Like all 16 of us... together
  16. We used to put on plays during Thanksgiving and birthday celebrations
    Don't know why but it's relevant
  17. My grandmother cries like 24/7 because of nature
  18. We take up a whole row at the movie theater and have no regrets
  19. My grandmother hides a golden dollar coin in our birthday cakes
    Safety hazard? Yes. Are we going to stop her? No.
  20. My uncle has the same pants as Rex from Napoleon Dynamite
  21. My cousins are both ginger and pale and my whole family is tan and brunette
    We look like that swirl ice cream when we are together
  22. My aunts and mom know this weird chant from some old movie and sometimes they all say it together (probably just to scare us)
    It's creepy but also intriguing at the same time
  23. We all go to church together and my dad is the song leader there
    Known as the Barton clan at SSCoC
  24. We all make up words and use them as if we all know the meaning
    And most of the time it works
  25. Our pets are basically people bc we spoil them so badly
  26. We quote embarrassing/ funny things relatives have said in the past like most people quote movies
  27. I've forgotten a lot of things to put on here but basically I just want you all to know that you're missing out (we will adopt you upon request)