There are many more to put on this list but these are just a few
  1. Sk8er Boi//Avril Lavigne
    This song title is the epitome of the mid-2000s
  2. Tiny Dancer//Elton John
    This song brings out emotion in my voice I didn't even know I had
  3. One, Two Step//Ciara
    A song to live by
  4. Baby//Justin Bieber
    Ludacris' rap is the highlight of this song
  5. BO$$//Fifth Harmony
    Including ad-libs
  6. That's What Makes You Beautiful//One Direction
    Also any other One Direction song but thought I would throw it back to the beginning
  7. See You Again//Miley Cyrus
    All lyrics must be screamed
  8. Since You Been Gone//Kelly Clarkson
    Refer to description above
  9. California Dreamin'//The Mamas and the Papas
    Echoes must be sung for full effect
  10. Our Song//Taylor Swift
    I miss this version of Taylor
  11. All I Want For Christmas Is You//Mariah Carey
    Who doesn't know every word of this song?
  12. Hello Goodbye//The Beatles
    Obviously had to put one of their songs on here
  13. Sound of Silence//Simon & Garfunkel
    V creepy, v good song
  14. Primadonna//Marina and the Diamonds
    Makes me feel rich and stuck up for 3 minutes
  15. Pop//NSYNC
    CLASSIC jam and underrated, side note: can get obnoxious
  16. If I Were A Boy//Beyoncé
    Makes me hate boys more than usual
  17. Take a Chance on Me//ABBA
    Weird whispers throughout the song are key to executing it half as well as ABBA
  18. Umbrella//Rihanna
    Mostly echoing the "Ella" of Unbrella but still
  19. Here//Hellogoodbye
    Miss this song