1. Phase 1: constantly running your hands through your hair and appreciating how healthy it feels
    New hair, new me I'm basically a Pantene model now
  2. Phase 2: starting to freak out a little when you realize you used to have to run your hands through your hair a lot longer
    Wait I'm already at the end? That can't be right
  3. Phase 3: looking in the mirror for an extended period of time causing the breakdown to begin
    Did I cut too much? How long will it take to grow back?
  4. Phase 4: sending selfies because you desperately need your friends to confirm how cute it is
    Casual snapchat, oops forgot to get my face in it but look at my new haircut
  5. Phase 5: vowing to never cut your hair again
    I'll just be like Samson and have hair down to my ankles this is too stressful
  6. Phase 6: blaming all of your life's problems on your hairdresser
    This is all his fault I'm suing for pain & suffering
  7. Phase 7: someone noticing your haircut & making you question life
    "Oh did you cut your hair? It looks good" she's just saying that she can see the regret on my face, she doesn't really mean it
  8. Phase 8: looking at old pictures of your hair and reminiscing on the good old days
    Wow I remember when I was younger and happier with life, just look at me now
  9. Phase 9: posting an instagram with your new haircut and waiting patiently for someone to comment on it
    This comment will determine the fate of the rest of my life
  10. Phase 10: coming to terms with the fact that it's just hair & you'll live through the pain
    Okay just 10 more months til it grows back to its former glory