I hate school but I love zoning out thinking about strange topics and situations
  1. Imagining my economics teacher as the lead singer of a punk band
    He has a single silver stud earring so it seemed fitting.
  2. Imagining everybody with faces like the new "tiny face" snapchat filter
    Disturbing and frightening 2/10 would not recommend
  3. Debating which mispronunciation of my last name makes me cringe more
    Correct: Muh-half-ee Not correct: Mah-huf-ee & Mc-calf-ee WHERE DOES THE C COME FROM
  4. Picturing myself humbly accepting the Powerball check
    Then proceeding to picture myself getting robbed
  5. Picturing what I would look like w a bob haircut
    I won't be getting one.
  6. Imagining girls' legs if shaving wasn't required.
    Gross but liberating
  7. Imagining if "Borrowers" were real
    As in the tiny humans from that movie with John Goodman p.s. They were really cute and we were friends in my daydream
  8. Trying to invent sharpie nail polish in my head
    It would be so simple and clean and easy and beautiful