Words and phrases that have little to no significant meaning to anyone other than myself and anyone who knows me well enough, feel free to add these words into your vocabulary
  1. Poochie
    Something that is cuter than puppies wrapped up in blankets snuggling with you in front of a fire while trying to walk around on slippery wood floors "look at that poochie little kid"
  2. Gotta Zayn
    I'm leaving, similar to how Zayn left One Direction it will be sudden and painful and its most likely due to discomfort *ex looks at me from across the room* "Gotta Zayn"
  3. Flim flam
    Meaning: basically a cuss word but can also mean "poop" "flim flam I forgot my homework"
  4. Shim sham (derived from flim flam)
    Also basically a cuss word often used in a state of confusion "what is that shim sham on the carpet"
  5. Steamed
    Not only can it mean angered, it can also be the act of sweating or being uncomfortable "I'm getting so steamed right now"
  6. J
    Vvvvvvvvvv attractive "John Krasinski's new abs are J" can also mean cool "hover boards are not J"
  7. Heebie jeebies
    Idk if other people use this but in my family it is the feeling of ultimate discomfort and the need to be in bed at that very second but being unable to go to bed due to obligations "I'm getting the jeebies jeebies we need to finish this project"
  8. Kush
    Not in the drug kinda way but more like a delicious dessert having the same effect as drugs because of how good it is "do you have any lemon kush left?" Meaning lemon chess pie