Just in time for Halloween
  1. Bed bug
    5th grade, pj's, antennas on top of some messy hair, wings and slippers. Didn't bite, didn't cause itching.
  2. Miss America
    I won Most Beautiful in the 6th grade costume contest, beating miss universe.
  3. Geisha
    3rd grade costume, white powdered face, definitely politically incorrect
  4. The New Years Ball Dropping
    Needed to put some sparkley clothes to use in college. My legs killed the next morning from people counting down at every party and having to "drop."
  5. Firefly
    Also needed to put neon green/yellow spandex to use in college. Got closet push lights and stuck them in the butt of my spandex. Frat boys were poking my lights out all night.
  6. Roller derby team
    My house in college borrowed roller blades from everyone we knew, made uniforms, had elbow and knee pads, carried backpacks of alcohol and bladed from party to party. Not a problem when we ran out of alcohol. Big problem was my blades didn't have brakes. Definitely wore a helmet.
  7. Skeleton
    Least creative, but definitely most fitting for us senior year wash-ups. Ended up almost literally dead on the kitchen floor eating popcorn.