Picasso sculpture exhibit at the MoMA. I took some pictures of my favorites.
  1. My favorite: Crane
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    Love the water faucet as the feather on its head and the tail is a shovel.
  2. Bull
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  3. Lady made from sheet metal
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  4. 🤔
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  5. Paper guitar
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  6. Metal? Guitar
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  7. Head of a warrior
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  8. Insect/BB8 ancestor
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  9. Owl 1: another bird made of shovel
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  10. Owl 2: pottery owl
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    Took these owl pictures for a friend who likes owls
  11. Owl 3: ceramic jug
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  12. The bathers
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    Tall wooden figures of people at the beach
  13. Chair
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    Picasso had created this chair from cutting and folding a piece of paper, then had someone transform it into this metal sculpture
  14. His last sculpture
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