I was going to school down the street from Macy's on 34th street so I decided to make some holiday cash by working part-time as an elf when I wasn't in class.
  1. There's a "special Santa" available by request 🎅🏿
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    AKA chocolate Santa, black Santa
  2. "Every step forward is a step closer to Santa!"
    Is what I said to get people to move through the maze
  3. I was so terrible as the public elf to get people to visit Santa that they stopped assigning me the role
  4. "It's really warm in Santa's house so make sure you take off your coat before you get there!"
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    Ain't no one have time for you to take off your jacket when you're supposed to be taking a pic with Santa.
  5. Favorite role: photo elf
    Got really good at taking photos and getting the baby's attention for a second
  6. Second favorite role: maze elf
    Hung out in the maze, talking to kids and taking pictures with them. I am in thousands of strangers' Christmas photos
  7. My elf name was Munchkin
    Because I was the smallest elf
  8. I witnessed a proposal in Santa's house
    She said yes
  9. Even when the line is long, it moves along quickly and you never wait more than 45 minutes
    There's so much to look at while you wait that the time flies
  10. The time spent with Santa is about :30 but people don't really notice that it's so short
    The key is to keep the visitors engaged and focused
  11. Puzzles and pins are usually the gifts Santa give to his visitors
  12. I didn't pay attention during the cash register training so I was never asked to be the cashier elf
    Pro tip: never learn what you don't want to do so you can be a mediocre employee
  13. When Santa needs a break, I say he is going to feed the reindeer
  14. I was the first elf hired that season
  15. Best time to go is the first week of December, crowd-wise