Literal English Translation of Random Words in Mandarin

Using my bilingual skills to its highest potential.
  1. Hello
    You good
  2. Traffic light
    Red green light
  3. Feng shui
    Wind water
  4. America
    Beautiful country
  5. Zebra
    Stripe horse
  6. Cross walk
    Zebra road, or stripe horse road
  7. Cucumber
    Little yellow melon
  8. Daughter
    Girl son
  9. Scissors
    Cut knife
  10. Sweater
    Fur string shirt
  11. Goodbye
    Again see
  12. Pimple
    Youth bean
  13. (American) Football
    Olive ball
  14. Thing
    East west
  15. Train 🚂
    Fire car
  16. Computer
    Electric brain
  17. Telephone
    Electric talk
  18. Panda
    Bear cat
  19. Nipple
    Milk head or milk mouth
  20. Cocky
    Smelly fart