I have to write essays for work like I'm still in school.
  1. Make chili
    That took up a solid hour
  2. Cut up veggies as a snack
  3. Tweet about how angry I am about having to write essays
  4. Texted all the Asian people I know to wish them a happy lunar new year
    Even the people I don't really care about but have their number
  5. Checked the shipping status of a package that hasn't even been shipped yet
  6. Snapchat bitter selfies to my coworkers about how I've written 0 of 4 essays that are due tonight
  7. Created a new Spotify playlist
  8. Checked instagram
  9. Checked Facebook
  10. Checked Twitter
  11. Checked Facebook
  12. Checked email
  13. Checked instagram
  14. Checked Twitter to see if anyone responded to my tweet complaining
  15. Got up to adjust the lighting in the apartment
    Must be optimal for working
  16. Poured a glass of wine
    To get the creative juices flowing
  17. Wrote a list about things I do to procrastinate