Thoughts I Had at the Company Holiday Party

Being in a crowded venue gives you a lot of opportunities to let your mind wander.
  1. Who the fuck are all these people
    Yes. There was a T. rex roaming the floor all night
  3. Is SPINDERELLA salt or peppa
    I'm told she is neither salt nor peppa
  4. Where's the bathroom
    Where isn't the bathroom?!
  5. Is this party jungle themed
  6. Can I steal this
  7. I forgot she works here
  8. Who is possibly emailing me right now
  9. SJP
  10. Ugh should have brought a purse. Hate holding my phone
  11. How many more glasses of wine before I get on the dance floor
  12. Teehee
  13. Sushi seems like a terrible idea
  14. Boss man called dibs on this keg
  15. Omg is that flip cup
  16. Play some Justin Bieber
    Biz Markie did not take my request via my tweet to him.
  17. Should have eaten that chicken nugget
  18. Where's my team