Basically being a grown up means spending money on boring things.
  1. Bought windshield wipers
    The fancy rain-x kind ☔️
  2. Shopped around for new home insurance
    My rate went up. This is so boring.
  3. Wrote my 2016 resolutions
    Be prepared to be ~inspired~
  4. Bought cleaning vinegar
    Going to make those hard water stains my bitch
  5. Hung out with my mom
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    Even went to a mining museum an hour away
  6. Bought sweaters and socks
    Winter is coming
  7. Bought dog treats in bulk
    Being economical is the 🔑 to success
  8. Helped my little brother with his resume
    If anyone is looking for an electrical engineer in California, lmk!
  9. Drank responsibly
    Because I had to drive. One beer + two glasses of water + one hour wait. Can't be too safe!
  10. Ate a kale and Brussels sprouts salad
    On my own free will!
  11. Submitted a rebate for home appliance
    I need that $50 so I can buy the aforementioned things
  12. Cashed out some credit card reward earnings
    See above