Because why be yourself?
  1. The bad bitch.
    Smokes cigarettes. Emotionally unavailable. Is always wearing a pair of Blair Waldorf-esque frames. Lives life like a French Noir movie. Breaks hearts.
  2. The Cheerleader.
    I'M JUST SO EXCITED FOR THE BIG GAME. Gets gifts for roommates often. Exudes positive vibes. Successfully DIYs.
  3. The stressed out chick.
    Triple major. Triple minor. Two jobs. Four internships. Sleeps in the library. MBA track. Is on her way to THE TOP.
  4. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl.
    Frequent piggie back rider (literally). Does not wear bras. Face jewels. Life on the edge. Drunk ice-skating.
  5. The College Student.
    Pulls all-nighters. Diet mainly consists of cup-o-noodles and coffee. Has serious boyfriend. Maintains grades. Gets a job offer 😍