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My sister and I just said all of these. Sorry, people flying to Charlotte
  1. Me:"it's good that you got the norovirus today, instead of over Christmas."
  2. Sister: "it's so interesting how disease spreads! This is an epidemiologist's worst nightmare."
  3. Me: "it sucks that it's so highly contagious. I definitely already have it."
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Following the death of my grandma, my aunt suggested we start a blog -- the idea being that it will keep us together in absence. The blog has highlighted how, in addition to being related, we have plenty of common interests.
  1. Pizza
  2. Wine
    And updates from the wine store near my Grandma's, which my aunts were pretty sure they kept in business
  3. Running
    Only in reference to my youngest brother
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  1. When I sat in the same spot in traffic for 20 minutes
  2. When I saw an ad for a nearby neighborhood that played like a parody of out-of-touch rich people, but was really just made about/for out-of-touch rich people
  3. When I put in "honky tonk brewery" into Google Maps and 3837262 places came up
  4. When the sidewalk was closed because construction
  1. Not eating popcorn for dinner
  2. Remembering to change the oil
  3. Not getting cranky when you have to stay up past 10:30 (also add to : being young is)
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