Following the death of my grandma, my aunt suggested we start a blog -- the idea being that it will keep us together in absence. The blog has highlighted how, in addition to being related, we have plenty of common interests.
  1. Pizza
  2. Wine
    And updates from the wine store near my Grandma's, which my aunts were pretty sure they kept in business
  3. Running
    Only in reference to my youngest brother
  4. How much Great Grandpa looked like uncle Ben, from the rice
    Is that ok to say?
  5. Brooklyn
    More than the other boroughs, for sure
  6. Bike riding
    Apparently 50 yr olds exclusively go on bike vacations now
  7. Dead celebrities
    These blog posts are always titled "guess who died?" I think Grandma thought this game was morbid.
  8. Frat parties
    They just come up
  9. Hiking
    which 50 yr olds like almost as much biking