My Thoughts When I Read How Addi Badly Burned Herself (in Chronological Order)

  1. Awww. Poor Addi!
  2. STOP with the butter! Such an AJ remedy.
  3. I can't believe the stupid butter thing made it another generation. (Eyes rolling.)
  4. People forget how bad burns hurt. Until they get burned. Then they remember.
  5. I hope Adam appreciates his wife.
  6. Of course she let the dog in when her flesh was burning. Just another layer of unexplainable sacrificial insanity that women bear.
  7. Pork tenderloin sounds way better than the turkey tetrazzini fail we endured tonight.
  8. Poor Addi. I hope Adam is being sweet to her.
  9. Way to go Adam on remembering the oils. Go Adam.
  10. Yes! Lavender! It will help.
  11. I've grabbed a scalding pan from the oven numerous times. What's up with that. Does cooking make us forget the basic laws of nature?
  12. Reapply lavender.
  13. Addi is funny.
  14. Brilliant conclusion. No more cooking.
  15. I wish I had given them more lavender before they left. Shoot.