I feel like a badass today

Here is my amazing day!
  1. I woke up on time, made coffee, ate breakfast and got to work early.
  2. Endured a 4 hour car ride, for a mysterious meeting, with my boss and didn't lose my mind
  3. I was surprised to find out the meeting that was 4 hours away was actually entirely about my job and I was 100% prepared.
  4. I haven't even had the job for 2 months. Some people thought I had been there for years.
  5. At lunchtime I checked my grades for my teaching abroad course and I have straight A's.
  6. We finished the meeting and headed out to the car. My boss tells me in private how proud she is of me and congratulates me on all of my hard work.
  7. Another 4 hour drive home but this time I feel like a rock star!
  8. I get home and remember that I am a day ahead on my school assignments, so I can relax.
  9. I kicked today's ass.