I moved from Austin,TX to a very tiny town in Mississippi and it has been interesting. Inspired by @bluepuddles
  1. I have lost count of how many men have touched me with their bellies.
    My shoulder is not a resting place for your beer gut sir!
  2. Living in the country has taught me to deal with the horrifying sound of rats in the wall.
    Took a while to clear them out and seal the walls back up but I did it. The nightmares have also stopped.
  3. I like to play the game "Gunshot or Backfire"
    I don't leave the house at night. For my own safety.
  4. I have discovered that there are good hunting spots in residential areas.
    I don't want to know what is being hunted.
  5. The mayor of this town was convicted of murder and only people of the opposite race seem concerned with this.
    On 2 separate occasions he has almost caused a car accident because he was staring at me while I was speaking to people of a different race.
  6. Apparently my accent (or lack there of) means that my ethnicity is complex.
    I have fun with it and tell people I am mixed with something different every time.
  7. Despite the racism, homophobia and unnecessary bigotry the countryside is beautiful.
    My grandparents have a gigantic farm and I enjoy the drive out to the house to see the cows and horses. The grass stays green here all year long. That's unheard of in parts of Texas.
  8. I have been fortunate to become friends with some amazing people and they all seem to be transplants like me.
    Good people really do exist especially in some of the strangest places.