These are the things that are by far the most difficult to get used to while living in a different country.
  1. Language barrier
    The vast majority of the people I interact with speak English fluently, however I spend so much time explaining myself and feeling like a human dictionary that I lose the point I was trying to make. I also have to be very careful not to use too many pop culture references.
  2. Explaining to people that I like cold weather.
    Almost everyone I meet complains about the weather. This isn't their first winter in Germany, but it is mine. Yet when I say I enjoy the cold they are beyond surprised and asks why. Since I don't complain about the cold they see me as a freak. (Makes me feel special and welcomed)
  3. Everyone is an expert on America.
    I am the only American in my group of acquaintances so you would think i would be the expert on the country I have lived in my entire life. Apparently not. Saying insulting stereotypical things to me is ok but when I fire back that I was insulted I am being rude. What?!
  4. Everything is closed on Sunday
    Do you like running errands on Sunday? Well, you can't do that here. You can find a few restaurants, bakeries and kiosks (corner stores) open on Sunday but that's pretty much it. So no grocery shopping.
  5. Personal space
    In the U.S. it is common to give people personal space and you would almost never touch a stranger without their consent. Here, well that's different. There is no personal space and people will straight up move you out of their way either by pushing, shoving or by hands on hips/shoulders and moving you slowly out of their way.