My observations so far on my day of sickness. Will update later in the day if necessary.
  1. Netflix, Netflix, and more Netflix
    I've almost watched a whole season of Sons of Anarchy today
  2. Pajamas...and snuggies
    No one can judge my wardrobe
  3. I get my favorite spot on the couch
    No one has the heart to boot me out
  4. I get privacy
    People generally stay away unless they are bringing you something, which is great
  5. Unquestioned naps
    Nap time is all the time on sick days
  6. Free to complain
    But perhaps keep it to a minimum to retain status as someone who isn't an a-hole
  7. Staying inside
    The heat is so cozy in here, and that winter wind outside looks so NOT cozy, I think I'll stay inside.