American food is excluded. A really good burger would be pretty high on this list, however
  1. Mexican
    You just can never go wrong with a good taco...or six.
  2. Thai
    Pad Thai is an iconic dish. So delicious.
  3. Indian
    Pretty much if garlic naan and curry are involved, I'm down.
  4. Chinese
    Chicken+a deep fryer+dumplings+msg+rice=heaven
  5. Korean
    Korean spicy hot pot soup=best sick food ever. Korean bbq ribs are also epic.
  6. Italian
    Chicken parmesan is the #1 let-me-eat-my-feelings-real-quick food...besides ice cream.
  7. Japanese
    I could go for some nice eel sushi right about now
  8. Vietnamese
    Gotta say the use of rice noodles is a brilliant and delicious choice. Banh mi sandwiches are also bae.
  9. Middle Eastern
    Lentils, lentils, chick peas, and more lentils