@madeline is moving across the country for work tomorrow and I thought I'd compile a list of the favorite memories I've had with my big sis.
  1. Living in Japan for 4 months
    When I was 10 and she was 13, our step dad @markravina took us to Japan when he got a grant to work there. We had a great time roaming the streets of Kyoto together.
  2. Countless trips to Taqueria Del Sol (our favorite Mexican restaurant)
    We were known by name at two of the three locations in Atlanta. Her order: two veggie tacos no salsa on corn tortillas and a side of rice.
  3. 24
    This was the show we watched recorded on VHS tape with our dad every Monday. He wouldn't let us stay up for the whole episode and we would finish watching the next morning before school over a nice bowl of cereal.
  4. FFF (Forced Family Fun)
    All of the times our parents forced the whole family to bond whether it was an unwanted hike, a weird foreign movie (usually inappropriate for my age at the time), or a game of bridge.
  5. Our first pet, a hamster named Fuzzy
    Even though Fuzzy didn't like me and but me the first day we had her, I still remember the joy of picking out that damn rodent with you at Petsmart.
  6. Tag teaming getting what we want from divorced parents
    Whenever we both wanted something when we were younger we would always plan on how to get it from our parents. Our solution was that "it would sound better coming from me" since I was a cute sweet little kid. Our roles have reversed now.
  7. Pretending we were twins
    Despite our age difference, we used to be able to pass as twins when I started catching up in height and we always had fun playing the role when we met new people.
  8. Spending a ridiculous amount of time with @celine and her fam
    I basically grew up with Celine as a second older sister. Madeline could have taken some advice from her on how to bully me. I was always scared to tattle on Celine.