The Paideia School
  1. We call our teachers by their first name
    "Hey Jim! Great class today!" We have four teachers named Paul so it can get confusing.
  2. We don't have a dress code
    When it's warm out, don't be surprised if you see a student wandering campus barefoot.
  3. We don't have a football team
    Which, despite being in the heart of football country, is probably a good thing due to our lack of athletes. We like to play non contact sports like, ultimate frisbee, and golf.
  4. Our first graduating class only had one person
    It was a homeschool back then, but still. This person even has a plack up with their name on it.
  5. Being in chorus is actually socially acceptable
    We're kind of like the high school in "High School Musical"
  6. We have interesting classes
    Some that I have taken include West African Drumming, Basket Weaving, and Sonnet Writing.
  7. We're considered a hippy school in the center of a city.
    Probably because we have the reputation that everyone smokes weed. I've had conversations with a teacher about smoking. Totally bizarre experience.