1. Speaks Japanese to Chinese-American people whose first language is English.
    Awkwardness ensues...
  2. Orders the strangest thing on the menu
    "Well I've never tried Rocky Mountain oysters soo..."
  3. Teaches new words to ten year old me
    He let me hear the word 'masturbation' on a forced family fun hike when he was attempting to get my older siblings to laugh/smile for a picture. "Think of masturbation" -Mark (that is a direct quote)
  4. He will sleep
    Anywhere and everywhere. Preferably with his legs crossed and propped on top of the tray table on planes.
  5. Dances
    A couple glasses of wine and he's groovin regardless of the presence or absence of music and an appreciative audience
  6. Laughs way too loud
    His favorite things to laugh loudly at are things that aren't humorous at all.
  7. Force you to give him a back crack
    You know the bear hug thing where you squeeze a person tight and lift them up...well you get the point.