1. Dear Zachary: A Letter to His Son About His Father -- Far and away my favorite documentary. The less I tell you about it, the better it will be. Basically, a guy creates a video to send to the son of his best friend who had died.
  2. 30 for 30: The Two Escobars -- My favorite of the 30 for 30 series. It follows Pablo Escobar, the drug lord who ran Colombia, and Andres Escobar, the countries biggest soccer star. I don't really like soccer and it was incredible.
  3. Paradise Lost -- Tells the story of 3 teenagers who were (maybe) wrongly convicted of killing a group of boys. The teenagers were outcasts in a small rural town.
  4. Inside Job -- Want to get infuriated about the 2007/2008 financial collapse? Watch this. Even if it's mostly one sided, you get a picture of the pervasive fraud in big finance.
  5. Hoop Dreams -- A little old, but a classic doc about how sports (and basketball in particular) give hope to kids in the inner-city
  6. Twenty Feet from Stardom -- Tells the story some of the most under-appreciated and most talented artists ever: back up singers. I think most of the people on this documentary are as talented as any vocalist today but were treated very differently.
  7. Somm -- Follow people trying to get certified as the highest level of sommelier in the world. Watch the guy compare a red wine to a freshly opened can of tennis balls or cut water hose.
  8. Gideon's Army -- Take a glimpse into the life of a public defender. Attorneys who get paid less and work more to represent those that need them the most.
  9. Other 30 for 30s: They are great whether you love sports or not, but I love sports so they are must see. My other favorites are Without Bias; Pony Excess; Big Shot; June 17,1994;... Just watch them all.
  10. How to Dance in Ohio: A heartwarming story about kids on the autism spectrum preparing to go to a formal dance (aka their worst nightmare). They are so honest about facing their social struggles and it is awesome.