This is an ongoing list
  1. Check the weather
  2. Check the news
  3. Count the change in my change jar
    Do I have enough for chocolate milk?
  4. Make this list on Word first before typing it out
    Bonus for making it look like I'm working
  5. Check the supply room to see if they have any more Pilot G2s in stock
    They have only been in stock once.
  6. Check the weather
    Realize only upon seeing the forecast that I already did this ~8 minutes prior.
  7. Shell out the cash for chocolate milk
  8. If the human visible light spectrum was expanded, what would the new colors look like?
  9. Draw a window on my whiteboard showing a nature landscape behind it and stare out longingly
  10. Seriously question Pottermore's decision to put me in Ravenclaw
    Use this list as Exhibit A on why I would be an embarrassment to the house.
  11. Wonder if the guy I see brushing his teeth multiple times a day is super hygienic or has some sort of condition
  12. Wonder why my coworker listens to Rihanna's Pon de Replay so many times every day.
    It's a fine song but ????