Things I will definitely think about while flying to Mississippi tomorrow

  1. I'm going to be late I need to get to the airport for this 7:00 am flight by 4:15 am.
  2. Did I remember to check in? Lemme check my phone. Oh yeah, I did it as soon as they emailed me. I'll redo it just in case.
  3. What are the rules about liquids? Do I need to eat this toothpaste?
  4. Do I look like my picture on my driver's license? I shouldn't have had long hair. Mom was right.
  5. Did I get all the music on my phone I need? Should I get add one more Moutain Goats record?
  6. Atlanta. Ugh. One hour layover? I hope I don't have to ride one of those trains to my new gate.
  7. Why are these people wearing trilbies?
  8. Are there enough air sickness bags nearby? Oh, no. I have to ask that guy for his bag.
  9. Yeah, you'd definitely prefer sitting with the baby, dude.
  10. Memphis. Never been here before. At least the rest of the trip to Oxford is hurtling down an Interstate at 75 mph as God intended.