I played these games at family parties and on family camping trips.
  1. Mafia
    Nothing brings the family closer than slandering each other and shouting "look at her smirk, she's so guilty!" The ultimate ruse is to turn on your fellow mafia man and lead the witch hunt to look innocent.
  2. Judge Judy
    As the ringleader and second oldest, I was a tyrannical judge. The leg space beneath my desk was the jail where I often sent both parties during the trial. My biggest case was about a neighbor's missing/stolen pet penguin.
  3. Hide and seek
    Laying flat on the chairs at the dining table or behind the curtains never worked but my mom loved me and pretended she didn't see me. My best moment was cramming myself into my hamper around the dirty clothes. When I got too old and big for that, I hid beneath the kitchen sink.
  4. Sardines
    To go extreme, play at a campsite. I once hid inside a tree camouflaged by scratchy bushes and made my cousin come in with me.
  5. Thirteen
    A delightful four player card game we always play when we go camping.