There are certain realities that ground some of our childhood dreams. Thinking back, there were just some things I was able to do as a kid without a worry in the world. Where as today, time or the circumstances do not permit these activities. What are childhood activities that you miss getting lost in that you can't necessarily do today?
  1. Nap without consequence
    Drop dead where I ran out of energy without a care in the world.
  2. Play outside until sundown
    Pretty awesome to not feel so encased inside a house and just do whatever you wanted until the moment you had to go back in where food awaits you
  3. Get lost in a bike ride
    It is a pretty intoxicating feeling when you get to wander. Having a bike pushed the boundaries of where I could travel and see more things.
  4. Get in trouble but still be able to come home right after
    As a kid mischief played such a big role in what I viewed as fun. Luckily, the consequences of mischief never outweighed the joy of going through it. It was always worth it
  5. Eat outside just cause
    I love eating at a table as much as the next person but it was never the only place to eat for me. Outside definitely plays a unique role to the mind and helps you feel free
  6. Get lost in a book
    Time was never an issue or maybe I never viewed it as one when I was younger but it was very exciting to continue going down the rabbit hole of imagination with no sense of time.
  7. Be invincible
    I would get hurt doing so many stupid things but no matter how many times I fell, flew off my bike, ended up with cuts and bruises, etc. I always found a way to instantly recover and get back to the mischief that got me into that mess without any regrets
  8. No sense of time
    Getting lost in any activity without consequence helped me stay in the here and now and enjoy it to its fullest
  9. Build forts out of pillows and blankets
    Suggested by @djcuevas