What are the "must-do's" of the morning that have become integral in what you feel is a successful day
  1. Make your bed
    From what I have observed from people of different disciplines, every win counts including the smallest wins. Making your bed can be a way to start the day with a completed task that helps your environment look orderly
  2. Tea Time
    Begins the process of warming you up at the core. Not to mention it is refreshing and healthy
  3. Map out the day
    The anxiety and fear the unknown puts on us can be overwhelming. Provide yourself with direction so you can make your move towards success instead of the unknown
  4. Collect all necessary items
    You want to own the day, not prepare to own the day. Having all necessary things to making that happen
  5. 5 minute journal
    Do something small. Activate the mind and get the creative juices flowing. There are a vast amount of prompts to write on. Take your pick and explore your own mind!
  6. Eat a decent breakfast
    Fuel your body for the task you want to accomplish. Treat food as medicine and consume what you need
  7. Wake the body up
    Some physical activity will definitely wake up the body up. Your mind and body need to be prepared to perform. Best to start somewhere.
  8. Stretch
    Doesn't hurt to prep your body for the natural wear and tear of the body
  9. Pets
    Taking care of a pet is a good ritual to get in the habit of tended to others with good intentions. Also, you get to feel the sense of joy you've instilled into a living thing when they instantly show you how grateful they are
  10. Be greateful
    It's all too easy to allow the stress of your agenda to come down on you. Find a moment to be grateful so that way you start off positive. Doesn't have to be everything you're thankful for but maybe start at 3 and think deeply about why
  11. Dream log
    If time or memory permits, log your dreams in. It's easy to gauge what you're conscious of but what about the things you aren't. Tap into that space and take a step to finding out.