I am currently waiting in a parking lot for a spot. I am not particularly desperate for a spot, but it would be nice to not lose my mind in this purgatoryesque parking lot lusting and hungering for a spot to free up. What are the top techniques to getting a parking space?
  1. Black mamba strike
    Why continuously drive around and waste gas in efforts to get a spot. Spare a couple minutes and wait for a spot to present itself. Then, you strike!
  2. Don't know? Just ask.
    Park with your hazards by nearby walk ways where people frequently come to the parking lot and ask if they are leaving their spot
  3. Wish on luck
    Wander to nearby places to park and test your luck elsewhere
  4. Research
    See if someone is just relaxing in their car. Who knows? Maybe they are about to leave. Ask and wait if you got a few minutes to spare.
  5. Be THAT guy/DEFENSE
    Drive extremely slowly in search of a spot or don't drive at all and block the lane until a driver walks toward their car
  6. Pray
    Allow the universe to do what it does: put things in motion for an opportunity to present itself to you
  7. Rant
    Just allow yourself to kill two birds with one stone: 1) take an open ended moment to express yourself about how pissed you are about wasting time in a parking lot, then 2) distract yourself til the opportunity presents itself to you
  8. Exercise
    Just pull your phone out and play a game. A spot will open up. So why not sharpen your mind in the process. Win-win.
  9. Bribery: Chase the American Dream
    I want a spot, they want some money. We can work something out.
  10. Barter
    I may have something someone would want. I want their spot. It's worth a try.
  11. Just keep drive