1. Exclusively wear clothing sporting your home country's flag , colors, or name
  2. Graciously greet locals in their native tongue then proceed to switch back to your language after two words, all the while assuming they will certainly understand you
  3. Take pictures of every landmark you see
  4. Later realize most of those landmarks were not, in fact, landmarks at all
  5. Tell all your friends back home how you keep being mistaken "for a local"
  6. Confidently order off of a menu in a foreign language you don't know, then attempt to appear pleased with a meal that inevitably lets you down
  7. Spend 30 minutes at the end of said meal trying to remember how much you are supposed to tip
  8. Panic and end up leaving way too much
  9. Upon returning home tell everyone you know how your trip was "life-changing"
  10. Promptly forget about how "life-changing" your trip was and go back to living your life the same as before