Limited to the fact that I am in New Orleans. Would probably occur on a Saturday or Sunday
  1. 10AM: Go on a Nature Photography Walk at the Barataria Preserve of John Lafitte National Historical Park and Reserve this just seems like a super cool thing to do.
  2. 1PM: drive to High Point Shooting Grounds in Belle Chase
    I've always wanted to shoot clay pigeons. This place does that and I think it'd be a cool way to interact with either one person or a small group, and it's an experience a lot of people won't have had.
  3. 3PM: Go for an early dinner i.e. supper at Restaurant des Familles
    Seems like a righteous place and you could practice the photog skillz you just picked up at Lafitte.
  4. 6PM: have a drink or many at the table outside my house. Let dusk settle in.
  5. 8PM: go rage in the city.