Maybe if you do them they'd help you too.
  1. Watch the short film Shelly.
    Made by a li.ster @lorothery a fantastic 15 minutes of dedication to realistic fantasy. It's also a film made about a film being made about a film being made. All of the blue greens from the water are very soothing.
  2. Drink iced coffee and cinnabon creamer.
    I never notice if coffee wakes me up or not, but I love the way this tastes.
  3. Transcribe the notes or li.sts from my phone into one of two paper journals.
    I can accomplish something whilst basically on autopilot. It's fun to see how many I can do after time's gone by.
  4. Watch a show.
    If I'm sad usually live action or Steven Universe. If I am tired cartoon/anime or Steven Universe. I really like Steven Universe.
  5. Flick it.
  6. Stare out the window at a tree.
    I've done this since before I can remember. My mom talks about how I used to coo at trees as a baby. It's really comforting to me the way leaves move in unison and as individuals when the wind blows. There's something poetic there.
  7. Clean.
    Another good autopilot task.
  8. Starfish.
    This involves me laying on my back on the floor and trying to focus on all the ambient noise in the room that my inner monologue usually drowns out. Wall air conditioners are surprisingly loud to me. Also, so is the creaking of my own joints.
  9. Watch a favorite movie.
  10. I think that's it for now
    Share yours in the comments!